Patient Participation Group

  • Are you interested in finding out more about Bounds Green Group Practice?
  • Would you like to influence the development of local health services?
  • Have you got ideas on how to improve the service we provide?

The Aims of the Patient Participation Group

The aim of the PPG is to work with their practice to provide practical support, to help patients take more responsibility for their own health and to provide strategic input and advice. PPG’s are based on cooperation between the practice staff and patients.

A common criticism of many PPG’s is that they are not representative of the practice population. It is always going to be difficult to get a group that exactly reflects the demographics of our practice, and volunteer roles tend to attract those that have a certain level of confidence and free time, and have flexibility about working and earning money.

However, a PPG is there to make sure that the patient voice is listened to and not necessarily always to be the voice itself. Therefore if you wish to volunteer please contact the the practice on 0208 888 1736 or complete the online form or one at reception. Or alternatively you can register with us virtually on our online forum on

We hope to broaden our PPG over the coming months and recruit additional patients to the group. It is expected that the PPG will become more visible and assist the practice with new initiatives and ideas.

We shall endeavour to answer or put into practice your suggestions. If this is not possible, we shall respond to you and provide a reason.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Patient Participation Group.