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Results from within the Practice

February  2018

 Extremely Likely 82
Likely 49
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 11
Unlikely 10
Extremely Unlikely 10
 Don’t Know 0
Total   162


  • Extremely helpful and professional doctor who was easy to talk to about personal matters.
  • This is a very good practice in an area with a dire shortage of good GP practices. There is a large team of doctors, most of them experienced and knowledgeable (some of the very younger doctors are very smart but still acquiring clinical experience), a large support staff, and they offer a comprehensive range of services that smaller practices cannot or do not provide and for which you would have to go to a hospital. My family has received very good treatment and follow-up for a range of problems, some of them extremely serious. We have encountered no instances of misdiagnosis or neglected symptoms, which is something that many patients probably worry about. The large number of doctors means that for urgent matters it is usually possible to see a doctor (although not necessarily your regular doctor) on the same day or the day after. The appointment system could do with reform — it does not allow planned advance booking for non-urgent matters. If you want to see a doctor of your choice, for example, in order to maintain consistency and continuity of follow-up care, you cannot book more than 7 days in advance, and then there are usually no appointments. You have to be at your computer promptly at 8 a.m. every morning in order to see if a particular doctor might be available that day or within the next 7 days. Our former GP practice allowed advance booking up to one month, so if a doctor was treating you for a chronic or non-urgent problem you could almost always ensure a follow-up with that same doctor. This system worked very well, and it should be possible to apply it here.
  • Dr Fraser was friendly, professional, thorough and offered help and advice beyond that I had expected
  • In my experience the majority of GPs at this surgery have a caring and understanding attitude. The locum GPs are also very good. The appointment system is excellent
  • I was able to get a same day appointment with no hassle and the GP who saw me gave me a thorough check and was very helpful and friendly
  • Friendly, professional doctors, nice waiting area, clean and tidy.
  • GP was warm and friendly. Put me at ease. I wasn’t made to feel like a time waster which sometimes happens. I felt I was in good hands and I felt confident with her examination and diagnosis. She was lovely! Very reassuring and she listened!
  • I’m in my early 60s and Bounds Green is unquestionably the nicest GP practice I have belonged to. I feel comfortable visiting the surgery and reassured that I’m getting quality care. I am rarely disappointed.


January 2018

 Extremely Likely 157
Likely 95
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 14
Unlikely 8
Extremely Unlikely 11
 Don’t Know 1
Total  286


  • Helpful, efficient, friendly, kind, reassuring and most important of all I’m better. My problem is fixed. I was CARED FOR.
    Easy to get/make appointments; good range of competent GP; reception staff helpful.
  • Where to begin? Simply the best GP practice I have ever known. We love Dr Mansfield and are bowled over by her selection of wonderful doctors and other staff.
  • I was apply to book an appointment really easily and was seen by my preferred doctor promptly.
  • Very pleasant doctor. Listened to me. Explained well her actions/suggestions/decisions which made me feel I was being taken care of. A positive experience.
  • Staff were helpful and gave me advice how to book for same day and the Dr. who examined me was very thorough and referred me to hospital right away. She explained different situations I might face following the admission to A&E.
  • My Dr Hanna Aldrick is very good at her job. She is always very helpful and attentive. I always feel secure and well look after whenever I go for my appointment.
  • I think it’s a great surgery. On the day appointments are really useful, as is the online booking service.
  • GPs go over and above to ensure onward care is provided as quickly as possible and genuinely care about you as a patient
  • Dr Mbaire is working on pain management with me. She listens is very analytical and suggests excellent solutions giving me great confidence in a successful outcome
  • Receptionists were professional, attentive and updated me with information about future appointments, and explained reasons got those appointments. The Nurse was very patient, and provided advice to always request for double appointments, so that the vast illnesses l have can be seen to without rushing. The GP was also informative in providing me with an update of “planned care plan” for me
  • Professional, seen in good time, information given was high quality. Very organised. Overall impressed.
  • Nurse Marina was so kind, so smiley that made me feel comfortable and trust her. I don’t like doctors because normally they are cold and not sensitive about patients needs, but with nurse Marina I fell I want to come back and easily follow what she ask me to do. Amazing professional.
  • I have seen 2 different GPS at this practice and both have been exceptional in understanding, supporting and taking time with me regarding a mental health condition. I’m so grateful as it’s such a taboo and I wouldn’t have got better without this great attitude they had with me.

December  2017

 Extremely Likely 129
Likely 76
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 10
Unlikely 8
Extremely Unlikely 4
 Don’t Know 2
Total  229


  • Efficient and friendly front desk staff backed up by equally efficient online communication followed through by professional and friendly GPsFantastic doctor who actually listens instead of brushing off your concerns like other doctors only for your situation to get worse.
  • Thorough investigations, pragmatic advice in relation to medication review and availability of appts and additional clinics
  • Dr Till was absolutely lovely, so reassuring and always have me all the options and information. I wish I could see her every time
  • I can’t explain how comfortable both Dr Ramsell and Val made me feel! They put me totally at ease.
  • Get an appointment when needed. Reception staff helpful and drs listen to problem and suggest action to make things better
  • Offered an appointment today. Check in quick and easy. Seen on time. Efficient and thorough GP with excellent communication and bed-side manners
  • Very helpful and friendly. Dr Neary has been immensely supportive at a very difficult time.
  • The new atmosphere with the staff in reception can not go a miss, full of help and happiness I loved it all! Also got an appointment on the same day I called
  • We got an appointment on the day we needed it, with a GP (Dr Fraser) who was attentive, compassionate, and helpful, she made a follow-up appointment for us, which we attended, where she was again helpful and compassionate. She also made it very easy for us to see her again with another matter at a time that worked for our needs. Excellent.
  • My GP is always careful to listen to my health complaint and make the time to deal with my anxieties and questions and then suggest treatment. I never feel inhibited in raising matters as I know I will be listened to. I think this is incredibly important. I also don’t feel I’m on a conveyor belt to be treated in the shortest time possible.
  • Dr Lee was professional, calm, thorough, empathetic, positive and her actions made me feel very comfortable.
  • Swift appointments, efficient and comfortable clinic and caring, personable team. Best GP practice I have experienced in over 20 years of living in London.
  • Excellent consultation with different suggestions for investigation and problem solving solutions. What else you could ask for?!

November  2017

 Extremely Likely 221
Likely 116
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 18
Unlikely 10
Extremely Unlikely 13
 Don’t Know 0
Total  378


  • Calm, efficient, honest care by nurses & answers by reception
  • Whilst the reception staff were friendly and helpful and the doctor we saw professional and efficient, the nurse who did our check in appointment was snippy bordering on rude and gave me more than one unnecessary dressing down, as if I were an unruly child. I do not appreciate this and told her so. The communal areas are well provided for (children’s toys and a book shop) but the impersonal nature of the red appointments display was confusing, slightly stress inducing and eliminated the good that the reception had done in fostering a good atmosphere
  • Nurse Marina was fantastic – explained everything to me regarding Travel clinic. I felt really involved and well looked after. First rate
  • The GPs are excellent. They listen, are not dismissive and genuinely care. The appointment system can be a little inconsistent at times
  • Generally the medical and nursing care is very good, it is reasonably easy to get an urgent appt (much more so with online booking), and the reception customer service has improved greatly over the last couple of years. Much more personable than they used to be and that makes a huge difference to patient experience
  • Always a very friendly staff and doctors, able to get appointment when needed and they actually listen to patients
  • Great doctors on the whole. Especially Dr MBAIRE who is fantastic. Always listens and has helped me get better. A credit to the NHS and the practice
  • The service is always excellent! The staff member is ready to help whenever needed. But most of all I would like to mention Dr J Mbaire, as her professionalism is incomparable! She takes every single occasion very seriously and I am ever so grateful to her.
  • I like the way Dr Till is approachable from the outside!, she listens, is very thorough & extremely knowledgeable
  • Dr Fraser was welcoming and warm. She checked with me she understood what had happened in my previous appointments, and then explained my test results clearly, including with a drawing and checking I understood. 5 star couldn’t have been better. I’ve already sung her praises to friends and family. The two GPS I saw before her were also 5 star. THANK YOU.
  • The doctor, Dr Hannah Aldrick I saw was wonderful, extremely helpful & reassuring. She also followed up with a call to let me know about my blood test results. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
  • I’m 62 years old and this is by far the best GP practice I’ve belonged to. The doctors are good, the appointment system easy to navigate and the reception and admin team well above average.
  • Great service at the reception desk, and amazing Dr Till she listens attentively and makes you feel at ease whilst explaining your issue. She is very care I am very happy with my doctors surgery.
  • This is a well-run practice which continues to improve the service that they offer time and time again
  • Very understanding and empathetic GP’s. Good access to online, emergency and out of hours appointments for working people and children.
  • The GP I have been visiting regarding my issues, Dr Esther Harazi has been extremely friendly, helpful & proactive.

August  2017

 Extremely Likely 41
Likely 8
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 2
Unlikely 0
Extremely Unlikely 2
 Don’t Know 0
Total   53


    • Always friendly, helpful and comfortable – great service!
    • I always make the appointment and when I come for the appointment they will say I had no appointment. One receptionist was very rude all the time, the way she speaks I like she is always angry with no reason – her name is AW.
    • Have been with the practice for 30 years and Dr. Till has phenomenal throughout my many diagnoses and has been a great support and always sends me to hospital when needed for many ailments. I would recommend BGGP as everyone including the receptionists are very helpful and I always manage to get an appointment.
    • I have been in this practice for over 30 years – I am very happy all the time.
    • Dr. Mansfield is absolutely brilliant very pleasant and professional.
    • I feel every-time that I see a doctor they always tries to sort out my situation.
    • Everyone is very helpful and friendly.
    • My doctor was very informative and friendly.I
    • wouldn’t hesitate to recommend BGGP as I’ve been a patient for 3 years.
    • Always helpful and given appointment ASAP.
    • Fabulous doctors are helpful, caring and able to get appointments.
    • Great doctors compassionate, caring, thoughtful.
    • Would recommend the service to friends and family. It is a friendly practice and the appointment system was very good. The doctors are also very helpful. I have been with Dr. Schamroth for many years with my ill health and now Dr. Till who has been marvellous with me recently.
    • First GP clinic to support me and my mental health in 12 years! Thank you so much!
    • Helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff.
    • Very helpful, answered all my questions.
    • Pleasant staff but often running late and waiting area is like a green house. Please invest in aircon/blinds.
    • Very prompt and organised service, extremely helpful GP (Dr. Moore).

July 2017

 Extremely Likely 86
Likely 14
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 3
Unlikely 1
Extremely Unlikely 1
 Don’t Know 0
Total  105 


      • Helpful reception + doctors who listen
      • Very kind
      • I have one of the most efficient and compassionate doctors in the NHS (Dr. Mbaire) working in an extremely well run, efficient and friendly practices I have ever been in (and I’ve been a patient in many over many decades!)
      • A range of excellent GPs. Very impressed with the diversity of GPs and recent changes e.g.: easier to get through on the phones
      • Always helpful and lovely
      • Brilliant staff and service
      • On-the-day appointments works very well online
      • This practice is totally visually biased. If you have poor vision it is difficult to check in (normally have to go to reception) and you have no idea when you are being called in because you cannot read the board above reception. There should be a verbal call as well as visual. I am writing this for my wife as she was afraid she would miss appointment if I did not come with her.
      • Dr. Toms is absolutely lovely
      • Nurse Marina was awesome – the only smear test I’ve ever done that was completely painless
      • It would have been extremely likely, but I hate the system for getting doctor appointments
      • Excellent staff – helpful and friendly
      • The lovely receptionist Helga, excellent customer service. Dr. Moore: his wisdom and understanding of patient’s awkwardness; empathetic doctor
      • Dr. Moore is absolutely fantastic
      • All staff are extremely helpful and go out of their way to help you as much as possible
      • All staff are extremely friendly and happy and the doctors are amazing
      • This GP practice is always amazing and deserves recognition
      • Good service
      • Service is excellent
      • Thorough, try to be as helpful as possible
      • In extreme hot weather there should be a water tank to drink cool water as it gets uncomfortable
      • People who work here are really nice
      • All doctors are king caring and gentle
      • Always excellent care
      • Extremely likely for the good receptionist Amy. Very Good! Extremely unlikely – rude and curtness of Dr. Tang.
      • I’ve received very good service from receptionist Phil and nurse Marina
      • Lots of doctors, good nurse
      • On time
      • A service I didn’t have to pay for although I didn’t see the doctor I wanted
      • There needs to be a water fountain or a jug of water available for us
      • Helpful and compassionate
      • I’m a new-ish patient of this practice. It is very efficient and its personnel are pleasant and always helpful.
      • I don’t have complaints, it takes time for my treatment so I need to know all the possibilities I’ll be provided later
      • Dr. Till is a very good and understanding doctor
      • At a previous appointment I was confused by misinformation between the reception staff and a doctor (who had told me to ask to see her). I was told she had left the practice and when I came to see a random doctor it was her!
      • I’m here on time but not being seen on time
      • The waiting time is always longer whereas I’m on time for my appointment
      • Personally feel reasonably happy with the practice. Not extremely likely as less positive feedback from member of my family (mental health condition not always given support).
      • Lovely Nurse Marina – best travel nurse around!
      • Very happy with information the travel nurse gave. Always been treated with care in all appointments.
      • Have seen my GP 4 times over the past 6 weeks and every time they have gone above and beyond to deliver a service to aid my recovery. However, the reception staff can be a bit hit and miss, some can be helpful and polite and some can improve on their customer service skills as they can be abrupt and sometimes rude and not up-to-date with all the services the surgery provides, e.g.: I wanted to know of any Pilates classes in the area and they didn’t know of any but as I was walking out of the surgery I noticed a board with information with classes. I took this back to her for more details as to who to contact and she didn’t know. Another occasion I received a call from the surgery to inform me that my password was reset on my online login, but I didn’t request it. Also when I wanted to log-on it wasn’t very clear on what to do, when I called in to get some more details as to how to log-on she informed me that she couldn’t explain it over the phone and I should come in and they will explain to me.
      • Doctor listened well and was pro-active
      • Quick, friendly and very clear instructions
      • Very quick treatment and very helpful
      • Dr. Moore is very professional and thorough
      • Excellent service
      • I am very happy with this surgery and I would recommend it to anyone; they are very thorough with their investigations
      • I am always seen on time and the doctor is sympathetic and helpful
      • Doctors are so helpful and friendly, as are the reception staff
      • Best doctors/staff and services. Thank you all, keep on the good work and may the Lord bless you.
      • Services very good and friendly
      • Dr. Till is always so amazing, friendly, and helpful and always has time for her patients! She is a great doctor who really listens and cares! SO thankful to have her as a GP! Amazing woman!
      • Brilliant support
      • Brilliant help
      • Friendly staff, constructive dialogue with doctors. Efficient service. Relating to website/patient online would be nice to have definitions of what the different appointments mean.
      • I have been a patient at BGGP of over 20 years and I am always very pleased with the treatment I have received
      • Thorough consultation with doctor
      • Good service by my nurse (HCA)
      • The ease of checking in; the prompt appointment in GP seeing me on time; the professional and expertise of Dr. Till. All my needs were met
      • Good service – easy to book appointments online
      • Dr. Neary was very helpful and professional and answered my questions fully and clearly
      • Friendly, helpful staff
      • Lovely service, felt very comfortable
      • Although it sometimes means getting here at 8:00am I can always get appointments when I want one and the system is very clear. There are many excellent doctors here too so I am happy to see different ones and be confident they don’t need to know me to help. Reception staff is always efficient.I love a few doctors here. I have been here for 4 years now and used to have horrible GPs in Morum House and I’m thrilled. There are awesome ones here, namely: Dr Benton, Dr Till, Dr Mansfield, Dr Tang, Dr Ihsan, Dr Schamroth, what else can I say? All stars.
      • Very happy with Dr Till
      • Dr Till was very helpful and referred me on to clinic
      • Great service
      • Very happy with the services provided by the doctors here. Receptionists are nice too, would definitely recommend.
      • Nurse Marina – excellent, gentle, reassuring. Highly recommend for family planning (coil removal today); also excellent experiences with same nurse for baby/child vaccinations. Brilliant all round!
      • Nurse Marina is by far the best nurse to me and my whole family along with Dr Mbaire and Dr Aldrick. Every doctor and nurse I have seen has been fantastic and resolves our illness or vaccine very well.
      • Very personable care, good level of information provided, took care to build trust and make the patient feel comfortable
      • Good experience
      • Caring treatment from nurse in travel clinic
      • I am very happy with the service I’ve received
      • Very friendly and professional, very happy to have them
      • Very pleasant receptionists. Got an appointment when I wanted.
      • Very friendly informative and helpful
      • Very, very good. BGGP have nice people who are friendly and well-organised. I’m very happy to have this GP and thank you for looking after me, all though I pay for it.
      • The reassurance and friendliness of the nurse and efficiency
      • Nurse Marina was great
      • Nurse Marina was personable and kind

June 2017

 Extremely Likely 24
Likely 6
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 0
Unlikely 0
Extremely Unlikely  0
 Don’t Know 0
Total  30 


      • Professional, excellent service Bounds Green Group Practice on desk
      • Always received excellent response, expertise and in a friendly, supportive manner
      • Kind and reassuring nurse; smear test quick
      • Very efficient and friendly service
      • Great service
      • Good, quick service
      •  Excellent
      • A thoughtful approach; caring
      • Great service at reception, the doctors really listen and I always seem to be able to get an appointment when I need one! Well done, I’m very impressed and grateful
      • This is the best GP surgery in the area. All the staff are helpful, compassionate and professional. I have been registered for over 10 years at the practice and have been treated with respect and kindness throughout this time. I would like to thanks the team at BGGP for doing such a great job + providing a first class service.
      • Everyone is really grateful and they give good service
      • The staff are friendly
      • Problem: your ‘hold waiting’ message. Please change it! I has to hold for 25 mins this morning with a constantly repeated message of “Do you know that you can…” until I wanted to scream.
      • Dr Mbaire’s professionalism and knowledge: her attitude towards her patients
      • Always get an appointment fairly soon and good treatment
      • Very helpful staff
      • Good doctor for skin
      • Because I have always been satisfied
      • Great HCA booking appointment for myself and family. Very informative
      • Always well looked after. Reception very good and pleased with doctors
      • Positive and reassuring consultation
      • Services have improved lately with a batch of new doctors and a much better phone system and online booking system. Prescriptions go through FAST!!
      • I am very happy with the service I got. Thank you
      • Answered all my questions
      • Chairs are turned to video screen so it is not possible to constantly watch the check-in ticker tape info to see name when practitioner is ready (would result in bad neck)
      • Following my appointment with Marina she has restored my faith in the experience of customer care. She went above and beyond her role to care and advise. Amazingly happy ♥
      • April 2017
 Extremely Likely 22
Likely 0
Neither Likely nor Unlikely 0
Unlikely 0
Extremely Unlikely  1
 Don’t Know 0
Total  23 
    • Comments

      Travel appointment competent and pleasant, offering good advice.

    • Surgery very clean, reception are friendly, doctors very kind.
    • Helpful and efficient.
    • Lovely doctors and reception staff.
    • Great practice.Clean environment, friendly and helpful staff.
    • Lovely reception.
    • Very helpful.
    • Saturday staff are very accommodating and polite.
    • Always a very helpful, efficient service.
    • The receptionists and doctors are wonderful. I would definitely recommend this GP practice.
    • Very helpful service. Can always get an appointment.
    • Lovely doctors are always interested and practical.
    • Very positive experience with nurse Marina.
    • Recommended to new flatmate.
    • Nurse Marina Jones is just brilliant. She is very professional and does her job with great enthusiasm. At the same time, she is very positive and caring. I wish all nurses to be like her.
    • Reception always helpful, appointments available when I need them doctors very good an responsive.
    • The practice is well run, friendly and helpful. The doctors are great, as are receptionists and the system for getting same day appointments is fantastic.
    • The premises are pleasant, reception staff are very helpful.
    • Excellent care.

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