New Patients

In order to keep our list size to manageable proportions we are only able to accept new patients who live within the Practice catchment area. In order to register fully with the Practice, we ask that all patients:

  • Live within the published Practice area.
  • Provide us with a medical card (FP4) or complete an ‘application to register’ form (GMS1).
  • Provide us with two proofs of identification such as a utility bill or council tax bill,  one of which must be photo I.D and one which shows your name and current address in the area.

How to Register

To register please complete the forms below:

Once you have submitted these forms you will be asked to complete your registration by attending a New Patient Health Check. This is part of your registration process and your registration is not complete until you have a health check.

New Born Children

To register a new born child you need to complete the registration forms above. The Practice must also be given:

  • The baby’s NHS number
  • Hospital discharge summary and/or Red Book

Once notified by the parent/carer or hospital of a birth we send an invitation letter for a 6-8 week check. This letter is sent approximately 7-10 days before the check appointment.

Please note that 6-8 week check invitations are never automatically sent as the practice must receive a notification from the hospital and/or parent/carer of the birth first.