Diabetic Clinic

This clinic is run by Dr Schamroth every Wednesday. To book yourself into the clinic please call the reception. Please note these appointments are not open to the general public and are only used for diabetic reviews.

NHSE diabetes programme launches online Type 1 resources

Information and resources for diabetes patients.

Dear All,

The following resources for adults and children and young people living with Type 1 diabetes have been commissioned by NHSEI to offer information and digital tools during this time when face-to-face courses and appointments are not possible.

Please alert your adult patients living with Type 1 diabetes to this information and e-Learning opportunity/structured education. For Children and Young People there is a new free online service to help them manage their Type 1 diabetes (see below).

MyType1Resources is a free online platform to support adults to manage their Type 1 diabetes. It is available at www.mytype1diabetes.nhs.uk
MyType1Diabetes – FAQs and promo materials for healthcare professionals

Digibete is a free online service to support Children and Young People manage their Type 1 diabetes . It is available at www.digibete.org
DigiBete – FAQs and promo materials for health professionals

E-Learning for adults
Adults with Type 1 diabetes can use this platform to access lots of information about diabetes in different formats, including videos, leaflets and e-Learning courses. The platform aims to support users to gain more understanding of their type 1 diabetes and increase their confidence on how to manage it. The site is divided into a public information site (no login required) and the e-Learning courses (login required).

Self-referral to e-Learning
The platform is designed to allow users to self-refer for e-Learning. Adults with Type 1 diabetes can sign up directly at www.mytype1diabetes.nhs.uk

The four structured e-Learning courses that are currently available are:

  • Understanding Type 1

  • Living and Growing up with Type 1

  • Considering an insulin pump?

  • My insulin pump.

    Structured education accreditation
    All four e-Learning courses are accredited by QISMET, which means that they are appropriate for QOF “referred to structured education” and count towards completion rates for the national diabetes audit.

Digibete is a free online service to support Children and Young People manage their Type 1 diabetes . The DigiBete App allows diabetes teams to send relevant information and resources about managing Type 1 diabetes at home, allows patients to store insulin ratios safely as well as care plans, future appointments and notes and essential help and resources including access to over 200 Type 1 diabetes films.

How do patients access it?
Children and young people and their families can access DigiBete via their local care teams by using a unique code to download the DigiBete App for free. The DigiBete website can be accessed at www.digibete.org without a log in, however this doesn’t provide the functionality to store ratios, add appointments or receive clinic communications.