Travel Vaccinations

The Practice Nurse runs a Travel Clinic for our patients and we are a registered Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre for registered and non-registered patients.

Do plan ahead at least six weeks prior to travel; don’t leave your vaccinations until the last minute or we may not be able to accommodate you.  Please complete a Travel Risk Assessment Form regarding your proposed journey and return it to reception at least one week before your first appointment.

The Practice Nurse will then be able to produce a personalised vaccination schedule for you and offer general medical advice. Please bring any previous travel vaccination cards you may have with you.

Bounds Green Group Practice is a designated Yellow Fever Centre and has been authorised by NaTHNaC (as the regulatory body for England, Wales and Northern Ireland), to administer yellow fever in accordance with International Health Regulations (2005).

There is a charge for certain vaccinations, please view our list of Vaccination Fees.

Travelling during August and/or September 2017?

Nurse Marina Jones, our travel Nurse will be on annual leave in August.

Please complete our travel Risk Assessment Form before 7th of August for us to be able to offer you travel advice during this period.

If you miss the deadline to hand in your Travel Risk Assessment form, please contact the surgery for further information.

Travel Vaccinations